Infertility isn’t rare


Fertility control is an issue for almost every relationship. Most couples want to plan when they have children and, most of the time, fertility control is about preventing pregnancy. But what if you want a child, and conception doesn't happen? Most people think they will conceive almost immediately when they cease contraception. In reality, [...]

Infertility isn’t rare2021-12-01T16:47:36+10:00

When am I most fertile?


One of the most helpful tools when trying to conceive is learning exactly when you are the most fertile. Whilst a viable egg can only be fertilized for around 24-48 hours, sperm can survive for days inside a woman's body. Learning when you are most likely to conceive can prevent many of the common frustrations [...]

When am I most fertile?2021-12-01T17:01:00+10:00
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