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We offer a wide range of Women’s Health services

Experienced in micro-invasive 2mm Laparoscopy

Coastal O&G is one of the only units in Australia that practices and has extensive experience with 2mm microlaparoscopy.

This technology results in significantly less pain, better cosmesis and faster recovery times than traditional 5-10mm laparoscopy used by most other units. Microlaparoscopy is very useful in patients with infertility, pelvic pain and endometriosis.

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If you require an operation with Coastal O&G, our day surgery is conveniently located next door to our practice. See their website for more information.

Surgeries that require an overnight stay are performed at the Buderim Private Hospital just 10 minutes from our clinic.

In addition to microlaparoscopy, we provide an extensive range of services including (but not limited to);

  • Infertility and IVF
  • Menstrual disorders such as painful or heavy periods
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • Endometriosis including medical and surgical managements
  • Menopause including hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) and non-hormonal alternatives
  • Cervical screening and colposcopy (state-of-the-art colposcope and techniques to minimise patient discomfort)
  • Pelvic pain and painful intercourse
  • Fibroids including the ability to resect fibroids (myomectomy), or utilise interventional radiology.
  • Contraception including hormonal pills, implants and non-hormonal options
  • Incontinence (urinary leakage) or other urinary issues
  • Prolapse
  • Gynaecological Ultrasound
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Frequently Asked Gynaecology Questions

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What are the benefits to hormonal replacement therapy (HRT)?2021-11-29T12:17:12+10:00

HRT is an option for women to treat the common symptoms of menopause (e.g. hot flushes, discomfort with intercourse, sleep disturbance and irritability). In menopause your ovaries stop producing oestrogen and these low oestrogen levels are what causes menopausal symptoms. By providing oestrogen replacement, HRT can relieve these symptoms and improve quality of life. But like all treatments there are risks and side effects to be aware of, as well as non-hormonal alternative options. Please discuss this more with your doctor at Coastal O&G.

At what age am I likely to become menopausal?2021-11-29T12:16:44+10:00

In Australia the average age of menopause is around 50-51. But this varies greatly and you are most likely to undergo menopause at a similar age to your family members (e.g. mother or sister).

How often should I have a cervical screening test (pap smear)?2021-11-29T12:15:48+10:00

In Australia, a CST is recommended every 5 years until the age of 70-74. This changed in the last few years after the introduction of human papillomavirus (HPV) testing. If you have an abnormal CST then you may require a colposcopy and/ or more frequent testing.

I think I have a prolapse, what should I do?2021-11-29T12:15:28+10:00

Prolapse can present with a variety of symptoms but often women complain of feeling a pressure or lump in the vagina. It may interfere with intercourse or their ability to urinate or defecate. It is important to realise that prolapse is common, especially after having children, and is best managed if detected in the early stages. Pelvic floor exercises and avoiding straining can improve mild symptoms whilst surgical repair may be needed in more severe cases.

I have had endometriosis treated, will it come back?2021-11-29T12:14:18+10:00

Sometimes yes, but not always. Endometriosis can be suspected clinically (based on symptoms) or diagnosed surgically (by observation and histology). Whilst medical (e.g. the combined pill, or Goserelin) and surgical treatments exist, endometriosis can grow back under the influence of oestrogen. Suppressive treatment (e.g. the pill and other progesterone medications) are effective and essential in reducing the recurrence of endometriosis. Repeat surgeries are not always beneficial and may be harmful in the setting of endometriosis.

Does it matter if I am currently menstruating at the time of my appointment?2021-11-29T12:13:52+10:00

No, whether or not you are menstruating does not affect any gynaecological assessment. Depending on your situation, certain ultrasound scans and blood tests may be performed at specific times in your cycle. But this will be guided by your doctor as Coastal O&G. If you would ever like to rebook an appointment, please just contact our team.

What if I need an ultrasound as part of my assessment?2021-11-29T12:12:46+10:00

If indicated, we can perform a gynaecological ultrasound for you as part of your assessment. This saves you the back-and-forth hassle of having to get an ultrasound elsewhere. Gynaecology ultrasounds are often transvaginal scans as this provides the best images to assess your cervix, uterus and ovaries.

Where do Coastal O&G perform gynaecological surgeries?2021-11-29T12:12:21+10:00
  • Day surgeries and minor procedures are performed next door at the Sunshine Coast Day Surgery.
  • Surgeries requiring an overnight or multiple night stay are performed at the Buderim Private Hospital just 10 minutes from our clinic. For more information see their website.

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