19th October 2021

Coastal IVF believes that the safety and protection of our patients and staff from COVID-19 is an essential component of our ongoing patient care.

Shortly we will see the re-opening of domestic and international borders and with this, an emergence of Covid-19 within the Queensland community.

We therefore request that all patients and visitors attending the clinic have received vaccination against Covid-19, by December 2021.

This is to protect your health, and to reduce the transmission to other patients and visitors who attend the clinic, many of whom if exposed to Covid 19, particularly during pregnancy form a part of a vulnerable patient group.

We know that the risk of transmission is lower amongst vaccinated populations (people who are fully vaccinated are 86% less likely to catch it and pass it on). It is our duty of care to assist in protecting our community wherever possible. All the staff at Coastal IVF have been vaccinated, and we value your contribution towards keeping yourself and others protected.

If a staff member or patient becomes exposed to or contracts Covid-19 this would disrupt the running of our practice, and potentially result in a temporary closure of the clinic, impacting many of our patient’s treatment cycles or pregnancy management.

We thank you for your understanding and co-operation in the matter and would encourage you to talk with you specialist at your next appointment or sooner if you have any questions regarding this information.

We will also have a small quantity of rapid antigen testing available in an emergency, if the possibility of awaiting a pathology test may have a significant impact on your treatment, however routine pathology testing for Covid should continue with your usual pathology provider under most circumstances.

With kind regards,

Dr Paul A Stokes

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