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You will love the care & treatment you receive at Coastal O&G. Not only have we carefully designed our clinic to ensure you feel welcome and have everything in one place, we’ve also ensured our rooms, treatment spaces and services deliver a top level experience.

We’re one of the only clinics to offer a complete on-site laboratory with state of the art technology & additional fertility care so you receive the best possible care and success.

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Quality Assurance

Coastal IVF has both external and internal procedures for ongoing assessment of the unit’s function and results.

The Medical Director undergoes an educational and certification process through the Royal Australian College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Coastal IVF is separately accredited with the Fertility Society of Australia through an independent audit overseen by RTAC (Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee) which reviews the program on an annual basis. This ensures that the practice follows the guidelines outlined by the national body as well an ensuring a reasonable standard of clinical practice is maintained.

Results from the ART program are submitted annually to a national body (Perinatal Statistics Unit) and nationally published as a summary of all IVF care in Australia. As well, each unit is appraised of its individual performances compared to the national average.

A regular fortnightly review involving all members of the IVF team reviews both individual patient treatment programs as well as the recent results to identify any immediate adverse trends in pregnancy rates.