IMPORTANT: Patient Covid Vaccination Letter from Dr Stokes


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING PATIENTS AND COVID VACCINATIONS 19th October 2021 Coastal IVF believes that the safety and protection of our patients and staff from COVID-19 is an essential component of our ongoing patient care. Shortly we will see the re-opening of domestic and international borders and with this, an emergence of Covid-19 within the Queensland [...]

IMPORTANT: Patient Covid Vaccination Letter from Dr Stokes2021-12-01T13:41:10+10:00

Choosing Your Obstetrician


Top 5 questions you need to ask yourself before choosing your obstetrician: 1 - Your health history Do you have any chronic illnesses ­– such as high blood pressure, epilepsy, heart disease, or diabetes – or previous complications that may require special care? If so, ask the obstetrician you're considering what experience they have caring [...]

Choosing Your Obstetrician2021-12-01T13:31:49+10:00

Working during pregnancy


Working During Pregnancy Different cultures have different expectations on the mother-to-be and whether they should continue to work. If you work in a culture that requires you to continue to work, knowing how to best manage symptoms and stay healthy while getting the job done will make your pregnancy that much more pleasant. In most [...]

Working during pregnancy2021-12-01T13:47:10+10:00
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